Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dragon Boating!

Pender County Government Employees and the Sunburst Foundation partnered up to participated in the 1st annual Cape Fear Dragon Boat Race.  We had a blast! It definitely was a new experience but we had fun doing it.  We were NOT “in it to win it” but the 2 charities the event sponsored did!
What is Dragon Boat Racing you may ask? It is a 20 person paddle boat with a steer person and drummer.  The boats race about 250 meters; which does not seem that far until you are in the boat paddling.

It is not about the muscling of the boat but team work and synchronization.  We were luckily enough to have Ivan, a veteran from Afghanistan join our paddles; we gave it our all and improved the time from the 1st race to the 2nd. But other teams really knew what they were doing and sadly we did not make the finals. 

That's my team on boat #2!
Over a 1000 people showed up to watch the spectacle of the racing dragons-
The money raised by the event went to the Sunburst Foundation and the Step up for Soldiers; I have attached the websites below.
I find myself looking forward to next year’s race!  “Paddles Up!”

Friday, June 10, 2011

HD in HD

If you are not a fan of the WB show One Tree Hill filmed in Wilmington NC, you are not alone. Nick and I were not fans until Hampton made his Television debut as Baby Lydia.  Ok do not judge … the show needed babies to play the role, Hampton is just one of the Baby Lydias, and it was just for a few hours.  I know Hampton will not be happy later when he realizes that he played a girl (and a cute girl at that). Oh well, he will appreciated the bank account with his first pay check.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So we did it!

Hampton had his first shot today! Nick and I chose a delayed vaccination schedule; so instead of  a group of shots we opted for breaking the shots in to separate vacations. The HIB was number 1 and boy was he a trooper. Me, not some much, I cried before and after.

He sported his snoopy band aid and went on about his day. He did not seem to notice or have one side effect. So I can say it was a win-win for everyone. I am glad we decided to break the schedule up over mutliple visits.

In the video clip all those tears were over the empty bottle! (Please excuse video skills-still learning to master the FLIP)

3 Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!
I love a 3 day weekend! Unfortunately, those just do not come around that often.  It was a busy weekend and the whole family had a great time.
It weekend started with our dear friends the Davis’ Birthday Party for Maggie! Happy 11th Maggie -and in dog years that’s 77 years old. Hampton lounged by the pool and enjoyed having all the kisses.
Saturday  was the annual Diminishing Republic Party. Hampton’s Grandmother helped find this little island that is only an island at low tide. So every memorial weekend Saturday everyone heads out to the island at low tide to celebrate. Hampton made his grand debut.  He loved the boat, the beach, and the party, but he really DISLIKED the Coast Guard Approved Life vest.
Sunday we packed up all the baby gear and headed to the south end for some beach time. Wow! One baby sure needs a lot of stuff.  We really do like the “pop-up” tent; which keeps the sun and heat off of Hampton.
Sunday night off the Aunt Amie and Uncle Jesse’s for a cookout with friends. Our friends Katie, BJ and Bryson were visiting from Raleigh. Also Mike, Susan and Sophia decided to join the fun!   Yummy food and great friends (mixed in with margaritas) – a fun time was had by all.
Monday wrapped up the fun weekend. We put a baby pool on the back porch; Hampton and Snoopy enjoyed cooling it in the water.
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday – and stayed safe.  As much fun as we had- everyone needs to send a thank you to our military that keeps us safe-
Side Note: We watched the movie Taking Chance (with Kevin Bacon) - tissues are needed. This reminded me that although I had the luxury of spending this weekend with my friends and family. Many families had paid the ultimate sacrifice for this county. The movie was very moving and sad but you have to see it!

Poor Lulu!

My mother-in-law’s dog, Lulu is currently having surgery. Lulu starting feeling bad 2 nights ago and after an all-nighter in the emergency vet the diagnoses was Pancreatitis. However, after 24 hours of treatment this poor little girl just kept getting worse. Another day at the vet and 3 x-rays later the discovery 2 WHOLE bottle nipples and parts of a pacifier in this 8 pounds yorkie mix stomach.  OUCH!
How did she swallow a whole bottle nipple? Lulu will eat anything, she does not discriminate. So everyone please say a little pray for Lulu-
UPDATE: Lulu has made a full recovery from the consumption of 2 Dr. Brown bottle nipples and a soothie pacifier.

Monday, May 23, 2011

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate… that is the question-

Hampton should have started his first round of “shots” at his 2 month check-up; however I pushed starting them off until his 4 month check-up.  My reason behind this delay; babies still receive the moms antibodies (if exclusively breastfeeding until about 5 months…) so I have had all of my vaccinations so therefore he is receiving my antibodies.  But as his 4 month check up approaches I am rethinking the whole vaccination thing.
My husband and I chose the Bradley Method to deliver Hampton, which again is all natural childbirth with very little medical intervention (no drugs, no epidural, no IV etc.); which leads me to what I should decide inoculations.  Doctors (in most cases) treat the birth of a child as an illness by the use of way too many medical interventions.  Do not get me wrong or be offended if that is the route you chose or due to a complication had to have some form of medical intervention. A C-section saved the lives of my sister’s twins. But because we were blessed by a pregnancy with no complications we chose a different path.  So how do I know that vaccinations are all safe? If doctors can “over” treat the birth of a child- how do I know we are not “over” treating vaccinations? 
This is a topic that you are either for or against but we are on the fence!! Vaccinations have saved lives but also hurt people as well- . So Nick and I still are walking the preverbal fence – anyone have thoughts on the subject?
I will let you know the 4 month check-up T minus 70 mintues!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Bad Book –

At 3:30 AM, as I was rocking my un-swaddled, non-sleeping child, I decided to catch up on my email/facebook, with a love of my life of-course after Hampton, Snoopy, Nick and Max. Yes, Snoopy still out ranks Nick but only by a fraction- but that’s a story for another day. Anyway back to a love of my life the Iphone (Steve Jobs-bless him), when I check an email from a friend, who’s 2 ½ year old is having “going to bed issues”. In this email is a pdf of a children’s book not a book that I would ever read to Hampton. But it obviously was written by parents for parents- the book, “Go the F to Sleep” by Adam Manbach.
I know I am a horrible parent but I have never laughed that hard during the day and especially at 3:30 AM. I know Nick probably thought I had finally reached a sleep deprived breaking point.  It really reminded me that somewhere out there is another mom or dad in the same boat I am. And if you need a bed time laugh read this book- silently and not to children.