Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dragon Boating!

Pender County Government Employees and the Sunburst Foundation partnered up to participated in the 1st annual Cape Fear Dragon Boat Race.  We had a blast! It definitely was a new experience but we had fun doing it.  We were NOT “in it to win it” but the 2 charities the event sponsored did!
What is Dragon Boat Racing you may ask? It is a 20 person paddle boat with a steer person and drummer.  The boats race about 250 meters; which does not seem that far until you are in the boat paddling.

It is not about the muscling of the boat but team work and synchronization.  We were luckily enough to have Ivan, a veteran from Afghanistan join our paddles; we gave it our all and improved the time from the 1st race to the 2nd. But other teams really knew what they were doing and sadly we did not make the finals. 

That's my team on boat #2!
Over a 1000 people showed up to watch the spectacle of the racing dragons-
The money raised by the event went to the Sunburst Foundation and the Step up for Soldiers; I have attached the websites below.
I find myself looking forward to next year’s race!  “Paddles Up!”

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